MTO PROJECT 2022-5050

Buskegau Bridge Removal and Construction of New Culvert Crossing

The Project

This project involved the decommissioning of the Horseshoe Lake Bridge which provided access to the Forsythe Lake campground. After the removal of the bridge, MTO provided access to the campground by designing and implementing the installation of a 40 meter precast culvert with 7 meters of rock fill to extend the Buskegau Road near Cochrane, ON.

The Challenge

The Horseshoe Lake Bridge had been decommissioned several years back and the structural stability of the bridge made it unsafe for any equipment to cross on the structure. Villeneuve’s 75 ton crane and Kerr Crane’s 300 tonne crane was used to remove the steel structure.

The secondary roads were not suitable for the equipment needed to perform the work and needed to be reinforced. As Claude Villeneuve used to say, “You can’t just change the sheets, you also need to replace the mattress once in a while.”

The Results

  • 10,874 m3 of rock supply and embankment
  • 9,563 tonnes of granular ‘A’ for road maintenance
  • 4.5m wide x 2.5m high x 40 m long precast box culvert (20 pieces)
  • Culvert waterproofing and protection board
  • 2,283 tonnes of granular ‘A’ for road base and culvert bedding
  • 2,390 tonnes of granular ‘B’ type 1 for road base
  • 1,957 tonnes of granular ‘B’ type 2 for culvert cover
  • 784 m2 of rip rap
  • 3,508 m2 of seed and mulch

With the instructions from MTO and LEA Consulting, Villeneuve Construction finished the contract with some time to spare.

Project Info


Ministry of Transportation

Engineering Consultant

LEA Consulting Ltd.

Contract Type

MTO Major Capital

Project Value



4 months