Incorporated in 1976, Villeneuve Construction has expanded over the years to serve not just our immediate community of Hearst, but Northern Ontario altogether, spanning over 75,000 sq km across the northern part of the province, establishing itself as the premier construction company in the region.

Our offices located in Hearst, Cochrane and Kapuskasing, our concrete and asphalt production facilities, our aggregate resources and our in-house parts and equipment maintenance facilities allow us to be an efficient and productive construction company throughout Northern Ontario.

We use modern and efficient equipment, designed not only to get the job done, but to get it done safely, effectively, on time and on budget, through our team of over 125 full-time and 125 seasonal workers.

Our success comes from our dedication to excellence in quality, our dedicated team of employees, our knowledge of the region and its needs, and our experienced senior management team.

Our Leadership

Ghislain Lacroix Ghislain Lacroix
Mario Villeneuve Mario Villeneuve
Martin Villeneuve Martin Villeneuve

Ghislain Lacroix

Ghislain Lacroix


Hired as the first employee in 1976, becoming a full partner in 1981 and taking on the role of President of Villeneuve Construction in 2013, Ghislain has been instrumental in the growth and success of the company.

Ghislain’s leadership shaped the company’s direction over the last 4 decades, growing it from the budding community-based construction company to an icon of Northern Ontario’s construction industry. His demonstrated leadership and loyalty are amplified by his respect for the company’s employees, and his willingness to provide guidance and support to keep both the employees and the company successful and forward-focused.

Mario Villeneuve

Mario Villeneuve

Vice President

Mario has spent the last 18 years putting the company’s vision into action by building and growing client relationships for Villeneuve Construction. Adopting a hands-on approach, he is always ready to meet with a client and ensure that all project requirements and client needs are satisfied.

Mario brings to Villeneuve Construction a philosophy of transparency and flexibility. This adaptability makes him an invaluable resource in ensuring the successful completion of the company’s multiple projects.

Martin Villeneuve

Martin Villeneuve

Fleet Manager

Over Martin’s 16 years at Villeneuve Construction, he developed and executed on the largest and most organized fleet in the region. The skillset he brings to the position includes being a certified technician of maintenance and repair of heavy equipment and heavy trucks, and being keenly aware of the culture and vision to maintain the most reliable fleet in Northern Ontario.

His focus ensures that the equipment maintenance program remains standardized and adaptable to the changing needs of the industry, making the fleet agile, functional and ready.

Historical Timeline

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It all started with a small-wheel backhoe. Claude Villeneuve established Villeneuve Construction by serving the needs of his immediate community of Hallébourg, Ontario.


Claude’s venture became incorporated as a construction business in Ontario as C. Villeneuve Construction Co. Ltd. He began operations and hired its first employee — a decision that proved to be invaluable in the company’s growth.


Ghislain Lacroix, Villeneuve Construction’s first employee, partnered with Claude Villeneuve to become part owner and Vice President.


Operations were moved to Hearst, where the new headquarters were established to better serve the greater community. Over a decade of valuable experience was gained after this move as a residential and commercial construction company.


Villeneuve Construction was awarded its first municipal contract in Hearst, improving the sewer and water systems.


The small office beside the garage being too small, a bigger one was built. As years went by, office trailers had to be attached to the small building so more working space was available to the growing staff, leading us to the construction of the new facilities we have now.


With the business growing, we expanded operations through the acquisition of Chega, a local concrete supplier and excavation contractor. This strategic decision paved the way to Villeneuve Construction’s expansion to date.


Villeneuve Construction expanded into aggregate resources, acquiring its first quarry for aggregate supply.


Continuing with the diversification trend, Villeneuve Construction added to its resources its first asphalt production facility.


In addition, Villeneuve Construction acquired Longlac Logging, in Longlac (Ontario). This stump-to-dump operation has allowed us to expand operations and become more effective as a contractor to our forestry clients.


Villeneuve Construction purchased a second Asphalt Plant in order to execute Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (M.T.O.) highway work, providing us with a number of opportunities across Northern Ontario.


The 1990s culminated with the building of a brand new state-of-the-art maintenance facility for the company’s ever-growing fleet of modern, efficient equipment and heavy machinery.


Between 2003 and 2005, a joint venture with Mammamattawa in a logging operation helped us build a valuable partnership with a First Nation community.


Acquired a concrete production facility in Kapuskasing, Ontario, and in 2007, we built a new facility now known as Kap Ready Mix.


Villeneuve Construction reinforces its presence in the North with the acquisition of Moonbeam Concrete in November 2007.


Villeneuve Construction and Cree-Aski partnered together to form CreeVill, one of the first major partnerships in northern Ontario of its kind.


After maximizing all available space at the Hearst Office, construction finally began in September for a new state-of-the-art office building.


After the acquisition of M.J. Labelle Construction, a Cochrane, Ontario-based construction company, Villeneuve Construction is one of the largest northern Ontario construction companies, employing over 200 people during peak seasons. We also own and operate over 150 aggregate resource sites, asphalt plants, concrete plants, and provide residential, commercial and heavy civil construction materials and services to almost 1,000 kilometres along Ontario’s northern highways.

After an entire year of anticipation, Villeneuve Construction’s employees can now take advantage of our new office facility.


Our grand opening made everyone smile! Our new office is the perfect place to embody our vision and grow our business.


Villeneuve Construction made a major upgrade in our aggregate crushing operations. This purchase has allowed Villeneuve Construction better control of our own crushing operations as well as to better serve our clients.


With a ton of pride and a hint of reminiscence, Claude hands over the fruit of his labour to his sons. Mario Villeneuve, Martin Villeneuve and Ghislain Lacroix become partners in April 2015.


On June 1, 2018, the purchase of J. Provost Contracting Ltd. further expands our horizons in Wawa.


Our new logo sees the day in 2019 as a testament to our trailblazing spirit. Villeneuve Construction values progressive techniques and innovative ideas in each and every task.


We are the new owners of Lachance Construction, ready to meet new challenges in a region, and for people, we know and support.