Operations & Aggregates

Over the years, Villeneuve Construction has acquired aggregate resource facilities spanning over 75,000 square kilometres across Northern Ontario. This ambitious diversification project has led to the ownership and operation of over 200 aggregate resources across the region, providing a variety of material types such as sand, gravel, crushed aggregates, quarry materials and topsoil. See the map below for more information about our resources.

Becker Pit

Boyle Quarry

Bradley Pit

Carnegie Pit & Quarry

Cecile Pit & Quarry

Devitt Quarry

Driftwood Quarry

Dumoulin Pit

Faucher Quarry

Fauquier Quarry

Fintry Pit & Quarry

Fleming Pit

Fred Flatt Pit

Frederick House Pit

Fushimi Quarry

Geraldton Quarry

Groundhog Quarry

Hanna Pit & Quarry

Harty Pit

Harty Quarry

Heron Bay Quarry

Howells Quarry

Kabina Pit


Larabie Pit

Larkin Quarry

Lavoie Pit

Manitouwadge Quarry

Marathon Pit

Matachewan Pit & Quarry

Matheson Quarry

Monfort Pit & Quarry

Moonbeam Pit

Moonbeam Quarry

Moosonee Quarry

Nychuck Pit

Olenick Pit

Otter Rapids Quarry

Pagwa Quarry

Pearce Pit

Pinard Pit & Quarry

Pine Street Quarry

Poilu Pit & Quarry

Sesekinika Pit & Quarry

Ski Hill Pit

Smooth Rock Falls Quarry

Suckle Lake Quarry

Swan Lake Quarry

Tower Road Quarry

Val-Rita Quarry

West Boyce Pit