Job Description

Our surveyors will be responsible for providing consistent, reliable and efficient translation of plans into field control and guidance for the operations, planning and engineering groups, as well as maintaining up-to-date as-builts and volume calculations.

Key Responsibilities
  • surveying for field work and construction layout;
  • set-up, configure and operate various survey instrumentation including total stations, levels and GPS;
  • document survey work;
  • report to Project Managers and Superintendents to coordinate survey work with the construction plan;
  • setting project control and checking existing conditions of the future work site;
  • day-to-day stakeout as required to support crews in the construction of roads, bridges, etc.;
  • stake out reference points and markers that will guide the construction of new structures;
  • verify the location of new structures during construction;
  • coordinate with the project superintendent, foreman and consulting engineers to aid in uninterrupted and efficient worksites;
  • assist project superintendent, foreman and heavy equipment operators with interpretation of design drawings and specifications;
  • ensure all survey data is obtained, correct, downloaded and transferred as required;
  • perform topographic survey and volume analysis at various stages of the project;
  • conduct As-Built surveys and verify that the work was completed to the design and specifications;
  • responsible for ongoing care and maintenance of all survey equipment;
  • assist to complete field survey requests, measurements, setup and configuring survey instruments;
  • locate primary and secondary survey evidence and control;
  • interpret and extrapolate surveying data from construction and design drawings;
  • install survey stake lines and survey control monuments;
  • distribute survey reports and manage survey data files;
  • help prepare surveying notes, grade sheets and calculate coordinates;
  • other duties as may be assigned within the reasonable scope of work of the position
  • completed 2 year diploma in Surveying, Geomatics, Civil Engineering Technician/Technology or a related field with a minimum of 1 year experience in a construction surveying environment or an equivalent combination of training and experience;
  • knowledge and/or diverse experience in a construction environment;
  • training and experience with levels, total stations and GPS equipment is preferred;
  • computer experience (Outlook, Word, Excel, MS Project, AutoCAD);
  • ability to accurately read contract drawings;
  • attention to detail and quality control is essential;
  • working in and around heavy machinery;
  • candidates must be able to perform physical work outdoors in all weather conditions and perform heavy lifting;
  • good communication skills;
  • strong team player;
  • basic proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Outlook and Excel);
  • motivated, self-starter who can work well independently or within a team environment;
  • must be able to work under pressure;
  • must be able to meet all safety requirements and applicable safety policies;
  • the candidate must successfully complete a site pre-employment drug test as per the company policy;
  • willing to travel and must possess a valid driver’s license

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Hearst, Cochrane, Various locations across Northern Ontario



Terms of Employment

Permanent - Seasonal


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