MTO Project 2019-5100

Structural Culvert Replacements on Highway 11 and Highway 583 North

The Project

Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Project No. 2019-5100 consisted of removal and replacement of four (4) structural precast concrete culverts; three of which were replaced on Highway 583 North, and the other on Highway 11, approximately 12km West of Hearst, ON.

Through an internal analysis conducted by Villeneuve Construction, multiple Change Proposals were submitted to the Ministry providing a shared cost savings of approximately $725,000, and reduced the Contract length by one full year. One of these Change Proposal consisted of performing full road closures on Highway 583 North during the removal and replacement of the culverts. The road closures required successful coordination and approvals from multiple organizations such as the local school transportation boards, Local Roads Boards, local forestry companies, and finally the Ministry of Transportation.

The Challenge

During construction, Villeneuve Construction encountered some significant obstacles that required the coordination between various parties. Having timelines significantly reduced to ensure minimizing of full road closures, this left the team with little time to spare. This meant that delivery of materials and coordination of subcontractors and subtrades, needed to be perfectly planned with road closure timing, and the Hydro One power interruption. Because of careful planning and execution by the Villeneuve team, all elements of this project came together as designed.

The Results

The Ministry of Transportation awarded Villeneuve Construction with a Contractor Performance Rating of 98.74% for this project, which is based on Quality Control, Health and Safety, Timeliness and Contract Execution and Management. To date, this is the highest rating awarded in Villeneuve Construction’s decorated history of working with the Ministry of Transportation. It would not have been possible without the ingenuity and dedication of the Villeneuve Construction teams efforts.

Project Info


Ministry of Transportation

Engineering Consultant

EXP Services Inc.

Contract Type

MTO Major Capital

Project Value



2-year contract, completed in 7 months