15th to St-Laurent, Vanier Place, Frost Place, & Laurier Place

Hearst Road Reconstruction of West Street

The Project

The West street road reconstruction project involved the installation of storm sewers, sanitary sewer repairs, waterwork repairs, valve and hydrant replacement, new road subgrade, concrete sidewalks, concrete curbs, asphalt paving, landscaping and other related works. The project was originally scheduled to be a two‐year project.

The Challenge

The existing underground utilities (gas, hydro, telephone, cable and fiber optic) were the main challenge in completing all underground work (piping, structures, valves and hydrants, subgrade). The experience and attention to safety of our pipe crew allowed us to complete the work in a timely manner.

The Results

Villeneuve Construction proposed to the Town of Hearst to complete the project in the same calendar year. Construction began on May 28th, 2020 and was fully completed on September 21, 2020. Work consisted of the following:

  • Storm sewer work included the installation of approximately 950m of N‐12 pipe.
  • Installation of 33 concrete storm structures.
  • Replacement of approximately 150m of sanitary sewer pipe, 2 sanitary manholes, 12 MJ gate valves, and 3 hydrants c/w 150mm gate valve and lead pipe.
  • Installation of approximately 1,300m of road subdrain pipe.
  • Road reconstruction consisted of the placement of 4,200 cu.m. of granular B type II and 2,700 cu.m. of granular A.
  • Installation of approximately 1,371m of concrete curb and 654m of concrete sidewalk.
  • Placement of 1,416 tons of SP 12.5 asphalt pavement on the roads and 1,157 sq.m. of asphalt pavement for the boulevards and driveways.
  • Placement of 4,073 sq.m. of topsoil and sod.
  • Placement of 4,628 sq.m of topsoil and seed.

Project Info


Corporation of the Town of Hearst

Engineering Consultant

Town of Hearst Engineering Department

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Stipulated Sum

Project Value



4 months